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Hi! I’m Eric. I'm from the U.S., Indiana. I keep up with work and college at the same time, my work helps me pay my studies.

At the end of the spring semester of 2022, I needed to turn in a term paper. I started my term paper in advance, but didn't have time to finish it because of a heavy workload.

A classmate of mine suggested that I Google academic writing services that can help complete, edit, and proofread academic papers of almost any complexity and volume. After about a month of active Internet searches, I found several professional service agencies that appealed to me.

Subsequently, I had the idea to create a website with the best academic service agencies to this date. By doing so, I can help students like me to save a lot of time searching for services on their own. And so I created this website in my spare time over the summer break.

At the moment, the website provides basic information so that the visitor can get acquainted with one or another academic service. But in the future, when the number of visitors to the site increases, I can add interactive functionality that will help users independently and objectively choose the service that meets their requirements.

I am not a professional web designer, and I created this website myself following the instructions at So if you find any errors/bugs/typos, please let me know by writing to the email indicated on the contact page with [ERROR] in the subject line.